Item #953 Type Specimen Poster: Fairfield

Type Specimen Poster: Fairfield

A two-color typography specimen poster of the Fairfield font, produced by the Eastern Corporation paper company to highlight their paper product and its printing attributes. The poster reproduces a text from "Plain Printing Types" by Theodore L. De Vinne in the Fairfield font in sizes ranging from 6 to 14 point. The poster is printed on Eastern's Atlantic Ledger paper, which is "a strong, durable, genuinely watermarked ledger paper for all kinds of entry work and bookkeeping, as well as for catalogs, price sheets, and other similar pieces where extra strength is desired". Item #953.

Condition: Very Good+, folded as issued.

Type Specimen Poster
Eastern Corporation
17" x 22"
Offset printed
Bangor, Maine: Circa 1950

Price: $80.00

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