History of Electronic Music: Part One. William A. Johnson, Charles R. McHugh, Howard Rice, Thomas L. Rhea.
History of Electronic Music: Part One
History of Electronic Music: Part One

History of Electronic Music: Part One

A curious and apparently scarce publication. The front cover states "This section is meant as a hymn to the life and times of Thaddeus Cahill (1867-1934). Cahill worked for more than fifteen years to create a gigantic electrical music synthesizer before the First World War. His times have been called the childhood or our era."

Sprinkled with quotes from the great thinkers of the era, alongside the story of Cahill and his quest to produce his synthesizer, called the Telharmonium. At one point, Mark Twain visited the Cahill Telharmonium manufacturing plant on upper Broadway in New York City. The largest machine was reported to have 2,000 switches.

Includes a general bibliography and a Cahill bibliography, but contains no colophon. It could be that this publication is a section or insert from a larger publication. This copy is from the library of composer Douglas Leedy, with his name/signature in pencil on the front cover. Printed on yellow stock with photographs of Cahill and his inventions and instruments, along with patent illustrations. In a custom-made, protective mylar dust jacket. Item #937.

Condition: Very Good; light, soft creases to upper and lower right corners faintly visible on most pages.

Music Theory
8.5" x 11"
40 pages
N.P.: Circa 1971

Price: $150.00