The Summer Reader, Again, or A Diamond in the Rough. Ed Ruscha, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Marcel Broodthaers.

The Summer Reader, Again, or A Diamond in the Rough

This out of print publication is edited by Cecilia Costa, Maxine Kopsa and Scott Ponik and designed by Costa and Ponik. Published as a Werkplaats Typografie exercise for its design students. Students selected texts and images that they believed to be "necessary now, for you and for your peers, for your children and for each other. Necessary for everyone to read, look at, absorb" writes Maxine Kopsa in the forward. And so we take up this book and indeed find a selection of texts that are necessary to absorb while at once we the reader are asked to "decide how to read this book, by possibly adhering to the large captions each time turning to the pages they indicate, or by following the thread linearly, page by page." Handsomely designed volume drawing together the texts by mainly conceptual artists, excerpts from artist talks and esteemed authors of fiction and poetry. Selected works include but are not limited to: Ruscha, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Marcel Broodthaers, Lawrence Weiner, Kafka, Calvino, Guy de Cointet, João Guimarães Rosa. Black and white images of artists' works are pictured throughout the texts and are drawn from wide range of sources. Collectively the texts, works, and quotes with URLs can all be found indexed in the back of the publication. In short, this is a pleasurable trade edition artist book of sorts published by the illustrious Werkplaats Typografie and printed by Drukkerij De Rijn. Item #913.

Condition: Fine with custom mylar cover.

Artists' Writings
Werkplaats Typografie and ArtEZ Institute of the Arts
4.25" x 6.875"
257 pages
Arnhem, Germany: 2008

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