Keith Haring: The Winkie Wedding Poster. Keith Haring.

Keith Haring: The Winkie Wedding Poster

The poster for a publicity stunt wedding that took place on June 6, 1985 on the catwalk of a billboard above Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. The Winkie was an electronic toy made by Xtronx, Inc. of San Francisco that hoped to be the pet rock of the late 1980s. Dr. Winkie (Lawrence Lin) was the owner of San Francisco's famous club DV8, where Haring had painted large murals. The bride and groom, Penny Floyd and Jeffrey Stuart, had met on the same billboard several months eariler where Jeffrey, among other aspiring actors, was participating in a contest to see who could remain on the billboard catwalk the longest - Penny had called (there were phone lines installed to the billboard) to see if any of the participants needed anything - and Jeffrey had answered. After the wedding, Jeffrey and the three other finalists of the contest all agreed to come down from the billboard. The stunt also had various product tie-ins from Swatch, Vidal Sassoon, Pierre Cardin and others. Item #903.

Condition: Fine.

Event Poster
Xtronx, Inc.
18.5" x 22.75"
Offset printed
San Francisco: 1985

Price: $1,000.00