Item #84 Stanley Landsman: Feigen/Palmer Gallery. Stanley Landsman.

Stanley Landsman: Feigen/Palmer Gallery

Poster for a Stanley Landsman (1930-1984) exhibit at Feigen/Palmer Gallery, Los Angeles, November 5-29, 1965. Known primarily as a sculptor working in light and glass, and for his environment Infinity Chamber for the Automation House (1970), this early exhibit was a show of paintings. Landsman said in 1968: "it was a painting show of black and white paintings actually...the early black and white paintings prior to getting into plastics, prior to getting into mirror. They were all flat figurative paintings...Liquidtex...they were right after I turned off color and decided to really test myself, what I was doing." Landsman's works are in the Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art and the Museum of Fine Arts, Montreal, among others. Item #84.

Condition: Fine, folded as issued.

Exhibition Poster
Feigen/Palmer Gallery
14.25" x 22"
Offset printed
Los Angeles: 1965

Price: $200.00