Item #71 Intermedia: A Survey of Intended Project Areas. David Orcutt.

Intermedia: A Survey of Intended Project Areas

An Intermedia project survey textually attributed to David Orcutt, the Project Coordinator in 1968. An early document created during the formation of conceptual art in Western Canada, evidencing the Intermedia Society’s considerations of technology, collaboration, medium, education, film, happenings, dance and more. This document reads a bit like a manifesto envisioning permutations of the direction and reception of art and Intermedia’s future approaches to medium, exhibition and its audience. Item #71.

Condition: Very Good, slight toning to edges of paper, slight fading to mimeograph printing and transfer to blank pages.

Mission Statement
8.5" x 11"
5 pages
Mimeograph printed, stapled in upper left corner
Vancouver, BC: Circa 1968

Price: $150.00

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