Frank Sanje Elliott Oil Painting; Spring Turns the Wheel. Frank Sanje Elliott.

Frank Sanje Elliott Oil Painting; Spring Turns the Wheel

Frank Sanje Elliott was born in 1933 in Centralia, Washington and studied at Lewis & Clark College and the Museum Art School in Portland, Oregon in the mid-1950s. Since that time, his paintings, calligraphy, and Thangka works have been shown internationally. This circa 1967 oil painting on canvas by Elliott, in the original artist frame, is entitled "Spring Turns the Wheel". Elliott continues to make work in Portland and is a very accomplished Tibetan Thangka painter. Additional shipping rates apply - can be shipped only by required "crater and freighter" service with insurance. Item #31.

Condition: Very Good.

33" x 24" canvas size/38.5" x 29.75" frame size
Oil on canvas in artist frame
Portland: Circa 1967

Price: $1,200.00

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