Arts & Architecture: April 1967; Vol. 84, No. 4. David Travers.

Arts & Architecture: April 1967; Vol. 84, No. 4

The influential West Coast architecture magazine known for its “Case Study Houses” Program in which in 1945 it proposed to “begin immediately the study, planning, actual design and construction of eight houses, each to fulfill the specifications of a special living problem in the Southern California area.” The cover design and focus of the magazine at the time was revolutionary and a direct challenge to the prominence of the East Coast as the center of architecture in the U.S.

This issue features articles on Habitat 67, prefabricated and suspended space cell systems, space frame structures and modular materials and design flexibility, among other articles. Item #208.

Condition: Very Good+.

Arts & Architecture, Inc.
9.75" x 12.75"
34 pages
Los Angeles: 1967

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