Social-D Book Club by Mail Program ($50)

Social-D Book Club by Mail Program ($50)

We have launched a “Social-D Book Club" by mail program to help get us all through the temporary closures due to COVID-19 restrictions on public gathering - and to provide some relief and interesting books in your life.

You can add funds to your Book Club balance at two levels: $50 and $100. Your Book Club balance can be used for any books that we have in stock, for books that we will be posting on Instagram, items listed here on this website - or when we reopen the bookstore for regular public hours.

Please note:
Please follow us on Instagram - our profile is @monographbookwerks

We will post books on Instagram regularly, including the quantities available, for you to choose from. We will post a variety of types and price ranges: from reading material, to new and used art books, to out-of-print, unusual and inspiring items. Any book we post on Social Media or on this website is available using your Book Club balance. You can also email us to inquire and ask about other titles, or subjects, that we may have in stock - or books that we might be able to order for you.

Add a higher item quantity to your cart if you would like to have a larger Book Club balance (i.e. $50 x 3). Book Club membership includes free media mail domestic shipping. Currently the Book Club program is available only in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Books will be shipped on a weekly basis. If you would prefer to pay by Venmo, please get in touch via the Venmo app (@monographbookwerks).

You may also gift your Book Club balance to a friend or someone in need, in $50 increments. During these unprecedented times, we at Monograph Bookwerks may be called upon to use our resources to assist in supporting our community or those in greater need, however that need may arise or present itself. Your Book Club balance may also be donated toward those efforts should you choose to do so.

Your Book Club balance will be kept track of in-house and you will be notified of your balance after a purchase - or feel free to inquire at any time. Your Book Club balance will be valid now through one year after we reopen the bookstore for public hours.

Please note that we pack and ship our books in a consistently cleaned environment, and gently treat books and materials with a sanitizing spray prior to shipment (70% isopropyl alcohol, distilled water and lavender oil in a spritz bottle – our own recipe!).

Thank you! Be healthy, be well and let’s all be sure to take care of one another. Item #1169.

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All Shapes and Sizes
Portland, OR: 2020-2021

Price: $50.00