Xochi Speaks Poster: A Guide to Psychedelics

Xochi Speaks Poster: A Guide to Psychedelics

An oversize poster detailing the benefits, hazards, dosage, duration, effects and side effects of various psychotropic substances including THC, LSD, mescaline, psilocybin, MDA, ketamine and others, as well as displaying diagrams of their organic/chemical compounds.

The pre-Columbian statue shown on the poster, the Aztec deity Xochipilli or "Prince of Flowers," was discovered over 125 years ago near the sacred volcano Popocatepetl in southern Mexico. It is now believed the statue portrays its subject undergoing a psychedelic experience. At its base are carvings of traditional sacred plants, some known to contain acid derivatives including psilocybin. The poster was possibly released in conjunction with a publication entitled "A Guide to Psychedelics," which is referenced on the poster. Item #1086.

Condition: Near Fine, a few areas of very minor edgewear.

Info Graphics/Drug Poster
24.25" x 36.25"
Offset printed
San Francisco: 1992

Price: $200.00

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