Item #1064 Ken Friedman: Five Events and One Sculpture. Ken Friedman, Stan Lunetta.
Ken Friedman: Five Events and One Sculpture

Ken Friedman: Five Events and One Sculpture

A flyer or broadside describing five events by Ken Friedman: Scrub Piece (1956), Green Street (1959), Christmas Tree Event (1964), Mandatory Happening (1965), and 10,000 (1971); plus the sculpture The Distance From this Sentence to Your Eye is My Sculpture. The event 10,000 consists of distributing "to friends, people chosen by random process, etc., 10,000 objects, papers, events, etc., over a span of time."

The flyer states "the publication and distribution of Five Events and One Sculpture by Ken Friedman constitutes a performance of 10,000. 10,000 was first performed over the span of the year 1971. This performance is a part of the Tenth Annual Keeping Together Manifestation, organized each year since 1967 by Milan Knizak in Czechoslovakia and Ken Friedman in the USA". It is unclear whether this flyer was produced in an edition of 10,000, or if other "objects, papers, events" were added to reach that number to constitute the performance - or perhaps 10,000 was an aspirational number.

Stanley Lunetta and Composer/Peformer Editions were also responsible for the legendary magazine "Source: Music of the Avant Garde," based out of UC Davis, which published visual scores and avant-garde musical compositions, sometimes with issues containing flexi-discs. Friedman guest-edited the final issue which was devoted to Fluxus and Intermedia. Eleven issues were published between 1967 and 1973. A twelfth was planned but never released. Item #1064.

Condition: Very Good, folded as issued; toning along edges and at folds.

Composer/Performer Editions
10 7/8 x 13.5"
Offset printed
Sacramento, CA: 1976

Price: $75.00