WomanSpirit: Issue 5. Ruth Mountaingrove, Jean Mountaingrove.

WomanSpirit: Issue 5

Issue #5 (Vol. 1 No. 5, Fall Equinox) of the quarterly periodical originally published at various lesbian intentional communities based in Southern Oregon and later from the land that Ruth and Jean Mountaingrove purchased in Wolfcreek, Oregon, which they called "Rootworks". Although collectively produced, the WomanSpirit publishing project was largely coordinated and edited by Ruth and Jean. It is said to be the first periodical dedictated to lesbian feminism and spirituality, and was a central part of movements and ideas that continued to grow throughout the 1970s: the Goddess Movement, Womyn's Land, radical feminism and rural feminist separatism, among others. WomanSpirit ran for 40 issues between 1974-1984. In Issue #3 (1975), part of a vision statement reads: "We feel this is the time for searching and sharing, for something is stirring the inner space of women. We do not know, cannot guess, what direction it will take...WomanSpirit is a magazine to make space for sharing the deepest questions of women now".

Along with poetry, drawings, artwork, fiction and song, this issue also features a remembrance of Anne Sexton, how to womanize Thanksgiving, psychic self-defense, the WomanSpirit Tribal Gathering, and more. Item #1040.

Condition: Fine.

8.25" x 10.75"
64 pages
Wolf Creek, OR: 1975

Price: $35.00