Item #1021 N.E. Thing Co.: Rolf Nelson Gallery (1966). Iain Baxter.
N.E. Thing Co.: Rolf Nelson Gallery (1966)

N.E. Thing Co.: Rolf Nelson Gallery (1966)

The announcement card for Iain Baxter's "IT" exhibition at the Rolf Nelson Gallery, Los Angeles in December of 1966. The card lists the "N.E. Baxter Thing Co." as the artist, which perhaps alludes to the still-developing moniker for the N.E. Thing Co. Baxter created the seminal Canadian conceptual art practice N.E. Thing Co. in 1966 with his then-wife Ingrid Baxter, which often used corporate strategies when presenting works, installations and environments. One of the works in the IT exhibit was titled "Pnuematic Judd" and consisted of colored, inflated vinyl wall-mounted in a Donald-Judd like form. Other sculptural works included had titles such as "Extension for Josef Albers" and "Oldenburg's Disassembled and Stacked Falling Shoestring Potatoes".

In 2005, Baxter legally added an “&” to his name, becoming Baxter&, to reflect his collaborative approach to art-making. Baxter& is sometimes called Canada's first conceptual artist, and was named an Officer of the Order of Canada in 2003. Item #1021.

Condition: Near Fine, light rumpling to folded card.

Exhibition Announcement
Rolf Nelson Gallery
6.25" x 4.25"
Folded card with insert
Los Angeles: 1966

Price: $150.00